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Do you ever wonder how to decide which mutual to invest in, or do you observe the pattern of best mutual funds and invest? Determining the success of a mutual fund involves a comprehensive assessment that goes beyond solely relying on its historical performance. 

Investors must consider various factors, including the fund’s investment strategy, management team, expenses, risks, and the current economic and market conditions. This comprehensive approach is vital in making informed decisions about the potential success of a mutual fund.

What are mutual funds?

Mutual funds combine shareholders’ assets to invest in diverse vehicles such as stocks, bonds, and other money market instruments. They grant investors entry to professionally managed portfolios with varying degrees of risk, identifying the best performing mutual funds.

These funds gather capital from a collective of investors with common investment objectives and distribute it across stocks, bonds, money market instruments, or other securities.

The returns and profits generated from this pooled investment are shared among the investors according to their contributions, adjusted for applicable costs and fees. Each shareholder’s involvement is proportionate to their share within the portfolio.

Why invest in mutual funds?

  • Reinvestment Options

Mutual funds present substantial potential for long-term higher returns by allowing investment in diverse sectors and industries. Reinvesting gains in the best mutual funds further enhances potential returns over time.

  • Full Liquidity

Upon deciding to liquidate investments, funds typically reach your bank account within a few days. Some mutual funds expedite disbursements through “instant redemption,” transferring funds to your bank account on the same day.

  • Diversification of your portfolio

Diversifying your portfolio involves spreading investments across the best mutual funds, creating a well-rounded portfolio that effectively reduces risks across different sectors. This approach consists of allocating funds to assets that suit your risk tolerance.

  • Tax Benefits

The Indian government incentivizes mutual fund investments by offering tax advantages. For instance, contributions to Equity-Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS) qualify for tax deductions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

  • Regulated

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), regulates the capital markets, including all mutual funds. This oversight ensures that all mutual fund management companies comply with SEBI’s regulatory directives, safeguarding investors’ interests.

Which are the best performing mutual funds?

Using a mutual fund calculator, you can compare and contrast the best mutual funds.

  1. Quant Cap Small Fund

It is one of the best performing mutual funds in the equity category, giving up to 31% interest rate.

  1. Aditya Birla Sun Life Medium Term Plan

It is an open-ended debt fund focused on investments in debt and money market instruments, aiming to deliver favorable returns within its specific category.

  1. SBI Magnum Gift Fund

Similarly, this fund is a debt mutual fund scheme introduced by SBI Mutual Fund.

Does past performance indicate the future success of mutual funds?

Although past performance serves as a benchmark to evaluate a mutual fund’s historical behavior, it doesn’t ensure future success. While assessing a fund’s historical performance holds value, the ever-changing and dynamic nature of financial markets makes it challenging to rely solely on past data to predict future success.

You should factor in elements beyond the past track of best-performing mutual funds, including the fund’s strategy, management team, costs, and the current economic and market conditions, to make well-informed investment choices.

Which is the best app for investing in mutual funds?

On my father’s suggestion, I started to invest through the Bajaj Finserv app, as it is one of the best mutual funds apps in India.

They have a very straightforward process to invest and provide you with a calculator to decide and choose a required plan. It has immensely helped me in my investment journey.


Evaluating the historical performance of mutual funds is a common approach investors use to anticipate future success. Although analyzing past data offers valuable insights into a fund’s behavior, it’s essential to recognize that past performance alone does not ensure future success due to the dynamic nature of financial markets influenced by various factors.

By Grace

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