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Comparing Bus on Rent Prices in Mumbai: Getting the Best Deal

When you book a bus on hire Mumbai, the first thought that comes to your mind is the price factor. You have a certain budget within which you want to rent the bus and lower your transport cost as much as possible.

However, don’t grab the first price offer that comes your way. It is advisable to compare prices for bus hire Mumbai across different service providers before you seal the deal. Here are various parameters you should compare the prices on:


How many hours or kms will the travel cover? The longer the distance the bus has to travel, the higher the price. For example, intracity travel will cost you less than intercity travel. 


Do you need a bus on rent Mumbai for a day, overnight or a couple of days? The duration of the trip will also decide the price. The longer the duration, the higher the price you have to pay. If you request two drivers for longer trips, then you will have to shell out more bucks.

Number of Passengers

The number of people travelling is directly correlated with the seating capacity of the bus. You need 10-50 passengers to book a bus. A bigger bus will create more dents in your pocket. Hence, it is important to have the exact passenger count to select the right size bus.

Seasonal Demand

The bus prices hike up during peak travel seasons such as school or festival holidays and long weekends. If possible, postpone your travel to the off-season or plan it a few weeks/months in advance to get lower prices.

Additional Charges

When you are checking out the deals to hire bus Mumbai, ask the service provider about the inclusion or exclusion of overheads. At times, the price may not include toll charges, parking fees, meal reimbursement for drivers, overtime fees, on-road breakdowns, etc. So, even if the base price is low, the overheads may increase your overall cost.

Features and Amenities

The features and amenities that you will get on the bus are also a price determinant. For example, an air-conditioned bus price will be steeper than a non-air-conditioned vehicle. A bus with factory-fitted seats is economical but may not offer amenities such as pushback seats, a premium music system, a mobile charging point, etc. Hence, when you are considering a deal, do find out what facilities you will get on board.

If you are looking for the best deals on rental buses, you can contact SimplyTrip. We believe in transparent and all-inclusive pricing to prevent any unpleasant surprises for you. We calculate the price per km rate for bus Mumbai based on the return distance between the boarding point and destination. 

The price excludes toll, parking and interstate entry if applicable. However, we can give you a rough estimate of these additional charges if information is available with us so that you can plan accordingly. You have an option to pay these charges in advance in the fare. We will then reimburse or charge the difference between the actuals and estimations. You will need to give us 20-30% of the payment in advance. You can pay the balance amount up to one day in advance or after the passengers board the bus.

Get in touch to get the best quotes for your travel!

By Grace

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